We are more than just moving dirt! 

With our many years of experience,

we continue to take on projects

that other companies

are unable to complete properly. 

Go ahead and let us help you

with your next sea wall or retainer wall.

Our Retainer Walls and Sea Walls carry a 25 year warranty!

A RETAINING WALL may look like a simple stack of materials, but in fact they are completely and carefully engineered out of stone, brick, interlocking blocks,  timber or concrete.  These systems wage an ongoing battle with gravity.  They restrain tons of saturated soil that could possibly slump or even slide away from a foundation or even damage to the surrounding landscape.


These borders often make inviting spots to sit or for plants.  They can increase your usable yard space by the use of terraces also.


A SEA WALL is a form of coastal defense constructed where the sea or water area impacts directly on the land form.  Its purpose is to protect the land and lessen erosion.


SEA WALLS may be constructed from a variety of materials such as reinforced concrete, bolders, steel, fibergalss composites, aluminum and strong wood products.


The advantages of a SEA WALL are great.

.....A long term solution

.....Minimizes damage to property caused by erosion

.....Exists longer than "soft" solutions

.....Forms a hard and strong defense against water

.....Provides recreational opportunities





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